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Pool Parties

As a member of PCC, pool parties are a wonderful perk. Thank you for your interest!

In order to have a Pool Party, you will need to go to the link below to fill out the Pool Party Request Form. Your Pool Party reservation will not be complete until you receive a confirmation from a staff member and pay the $100 deposit.

Some things you should know before submitting your request:

  • Pool Parties are ONLY scheduled Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Only one pool party per day can be scheduled (first come first serve)
  • Pool Parties are not scheduled on Holidays or Island days
  • Pool space is not reserved for pool parties
  • During the Summer (when RWC schools are out), pool parties can be scheduled between 11-7pm
  • If a pool party request is for a time or date outside of normal pool party times (11-7pm), the party request may be denied or may be subject to additional lifeguard fees
  • The diving board is open 2-6pm in the summer.


  • $100 reservation fee AND regular guest fees apply ($10 adult/$6 child) for up to 50 people
  • Reservation Fee increases $20 every 10 additional people (child and adult) up to 100 people. 51-60 people, $120. 61-70 people, $140. 71-80 people, $160. 81-90 people, $180. 91-100 people, $200.
  • Cost is fully refundable up to two weeks before the date of the party. Within 2 weeks of the party, the cost is non-refundable.
  • Refunds are not given for weather (excluding lightning)

Pool Party Request Form

Email Carin, [email protected], for further questions.

Membership Changes

Members, sometimes we know you need to make a change to your membership or to place your membership on hold. In order to do this, please go to our Membership Change Form to make your request.

You will be contacted by our Member Account Representative if you are requesting a hold. All requests to add someone will be effective immediately, all deletions are effective the next billing cycle.

If you, unfortunately, need to cancel your membership, please go to our Membership Resignation Form and Lorraine will contact you to let you know when it’s effective.

Questions? Email Lorraine at [email protected]

Community Center Rules

We’re so glad you have made Peninsula Community Center your choice for fitness and family activities. With so many classes, lessons and groups on our campus, we want to make sure you are aware of our Community Center Rules so everyone is safe and enjoying their time here. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Susan Linkwitz
Susan Linkwitz
Member Services Director