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Schedule your Spring to include Fun and Fitness at the Center! Check out our Springtime youth programs to keep your kids active and healthy.

Spring 2018

Go Girls

Trainer and coach, Debby Stimmler Coupland introduces girls to a variety of workouts and teaches the importance of a nutritious and healthy lifestyle. Classes include a combination of cardio, circuit training, agility, core, dance, stretching and always a healthy snack and circle time to help encourage and motivate all participants.

Instructor:  Debby Stimmler-Coupland

Dates: March 19-May 14 (No class April 9)

Times: Monday 3:30 – 4:30pm, Bayview Room

Age: 7-17 years old

Cost: $120

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Dance Kids


By combining movement, music, and community, this high-energy dance party is packed with targeted, choreographed, kid-friendly routines, and all the music kids love!  Kids will be inspired to express themselves through movement and play while effectively improving overall health and well-being. Kids love it because it’s active and fun, parents love it because it enhances benefits for kids such as increasing focus, self-confidence, coordination and fitness.


Instructor:  Lourdes Avenier

Dates: March 20 -May 15(No class April 10)

Times:Tuesday’s 4:30-5:15 , Bayview Room

Age: 5-10 years old

Cost: $120

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