New Life in Masters

By Mike Lynch

August 21, 2017

August 26, 2017

If you have been at the Center long enough you have likely felt the embrace of community whether that be in celebration, mourning, death, or life. Recently in our Masters evening group, we had the joy of welcoming new life.

Matt and Jessica Drazba have been faithful evening Masters swimmers for quite some time. When they became pregnant earlier this year their attendance did not waiver – they found swimming to be a helpful and healthy activity to continue doing together while waiting for their little one to arrive. Many of these swimmers were told the news from the beginning and got to witness and support their pregnancy journey. It has been an exciting honor to be a part of this journey with them.

The last workout that Matt and Jessica attended was Monday, August 21, 6:45pm. Jessica was at 41 weeks at this time and was going to be induced at 1pm on August 23 if the baby did not come before then.

Toward the end of the workout that night, there were about 25 swimmers in attendance, and Coach Mike had Jessica determine what the last workout set would be. She chose to swim a reverse individual medley (I.M.) set:

Jessica’s Set
100 meters freestyle
2×75 meters breaststroke
3×50 meters backstroke
4×25 meters butterfly

At 41 weeks, Jessica led the “lane 5 group”, swimming quite hard for being pregnant at this stage. After the swim set, she mentioned feeling just “a little bit different”….

At the end of the workout, we all gathered around the expectant couple and took a picture (above), as this would be the last time prior to motherhood/fatherhood for both.

That something “different” Jessica felt during the last workout set was just what her overdue pregnancy needed! Her water broke the next day and their healthy son, Paul, was born on August 22 at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City at 11:41pm weighing 8 lbs 14oz.

“Jessica’s Set” is now one of our regular PCC Masters workouts, and if pregnant and overdue, we suggest you give it a try!

As always, all are welcome to give our Master’s workouts a try. It is a boisterous, encouraging, and diverse group of swimmers living life together!

An additional note: Have you been enjoying our new digital pace clock on the pool deck? If you didn’t know, PCC Masters had the largest percentage increase of new members to US Masters in the month of June in the country! Congratulations for this accomplishment and winning our Center a new $1,000 digital time clock for all swimmers to use and enjoy!