The Essence of Community Found in Masters

By Mike Lynch

By Mike Lynch, Masters Director

A few years ago, the name of our community center was changed to Peninsula Community Center, which I thought was a wonderful idea, in that our whole campus, 14 acres in all, could then be referred to as PCC, and our campus email could reflect WE ARE PCC, for all who worked here on campus. The Center was formerly Peninsula Covenant Community Center, to reflect our association with Peninsula Covenant Church, and our initials were PCCC. It seemed a little bit awkward then, and much more inclusive now.  Our association with the church remains as strong as ever, which is a very healthy posture for all who find our campus, whatever their desires or needs may be. The essence of COMMUNITY is what it is all about, and it exists here very strongly among all of us who use our campus.

I specifically saw this essence in our Masters COMMUNITY recently when a number of our PCC members experienced significant health issues, which required medical procedures to treat and repair. Many of us in our PCC community assisted those in need, and came alongside to Do Good Together! It was also evident as many PCC members worked alongside the greater PCC community at three Redwood City Elementary schools for Beautiful Day Service Project.

Lastly, on a more personal note, I want to share with all of you a new addition to our PCC Community, my first grandchild, Nora Marie, born on Wednesday, November 8, at Sequoia Hospital. Proud parents are PCC members, Christy and Kenneth Portillo. Marilyn and I are very excited, as Nora represents the fourth generation of our family to call PCC home, and we look forward to watching her grow and blossom in this very nurturing community we call PCC.

And with that, November brings us Thanksgiving, a time when the essence of our COMMUNITY continues to thrive and grow. It also brings us the First Leg of the PCC Masters Holiday Triple Crown Swim, where PCC Masters swimmers gather early Thanksgiving morning at the pool and swim a certain distance to start their Thanksgiving Day! There will be about 100 swimmers in attendance that morning.  In both of these gatherings, the COMMUNITY that is formed is very special, with each of the participants feeling a great sense of belonging and a great sense of care for one another.