A Thousand Gifts

By Anthony Mejia

If you look carefully in this season of giving, you will see a thousand gifts given every week at the Center throughout the year.

In case you missed them, here are just a few examples:

• Center members went out of their way to pick up and drive another Center member, who could no longer drive, so that the member could continue to come and enjoy the Center.

• Members volunteered throughout the year to prepare and serve meals with our ministry partner Street Life.

• Members participated in Beautiful Day in October to work with other members of Redwood City to help beautify the Roosevelt and John Gill elementary schools.

• One of our Center staff members overcame her anxiety of meeting new people to greet and serve people at the Center.

• Another one of our Center staff members offered to give a ride home to a member after learning the member got a flat tire coming to the Center.

• Fitness instructors, Masters coaches, and Member Care staff consistently arrived at the Center before 5am so the Center could be ready for our growing number of Center members who work out in the morning.

• People gave the gift of their time by gathering in the Center lobby to share coffee and community.

• A member who was recovering from knee surgery received a get well card signed by his aquatics fitness class and another one signed by his spin class.

• A member teared up because our community sent her flowers after the death of her parent.

• Members and staff donated to buy gifts for the Kennedy Christmas Project so that Kennedy School families who need financial help can have gifts this Christmas.

Since I am only one set of eyes, I am confident that there are so many more gifts given that I don’t get to see. Regardless, I am so encouraged by the good that happens every day within our incredible giving community. My prayer is that we would not miss these gifts of encouragement because of the busyness of this Christmas season or due to our own challenges.

How about you? Where do you see gifts at the Center?

This month at the Center, when you receive or see a “gift” given, take time to thank that person for giving at the Center…then let me know what happened next.

Thanks so much for BEING part of the Center!