Meter Mania Month Motivates Members

By Mike Lynch

Meter Mania Month Motivates Members

By Mike Lynch, Masters Program Director


February is Meter Mania Month and I am always amazed at how our PCC swimmers embrace this event and look forward to it each year. For some, New Year’s Resolutions may be getting a bit more challenging, but when those large white tote boards get hung on the weight room wall it gives many of us a boost of energy once again! Maybe the motivation comes from the visible postings that enable each swimmer to track their own totals, or perhaps it’s the opportunity to competitively track others!

Christy and Nora Portillo

There were exactly 129 swimmers that were posting their meters during the month, and I needed just one more for an even 130. As fate would have it, my granddaughter Nora Marie Portillo, did her first swim on 2/27/18, at a baby and me class and excelled at approximately 10 meters. She will be just four months on 3/8/18, and what a joy it was for me, her mother Christy, and Grandma Marilyn to experience!

Hazelle Miloradovitch

Since Nora was by far the youngest to participate in Meter Mania, I thought it would be appropriate to feature the oldest participant. Hazelle Miloradovitch, a very young 88½ years old She did her normal workout at 1pm all month long. If you know Hazelle, she seldom varies her daily routine She is one of the most committed, disciplined and upbeat individuals here at the Community Center. Hazelle lives independently, continues to teach piano lessons, drives herself to and from her appointments and travels to France a couple of times per year to visit friends and play music. I am honored to know Hazelle and have her be apart of our community.

Nora with grandpa Mike & Hazelle with Coach Mike

Between the youngest and oldest, the rest of the swimmers did a fantastic job of keeping with their routine, swimming often, and embracing the month with amazing energy and commitment. Many of them set goals at the outset and achieved or exceeded those during the month.

As Meter Mania Month comes to an end, I congratulate each and every one of you for your participation and your commitment to your swimming and fitness. I hope all of you continue to be healthy and strong throughout the year. This also goes for all the rest of you folks here at the Center keeping up with your commitments and goals.

Staying Fit! Having Fun! Getting Wet!

Coach Mike Lynch