Serving 5,300 students at 12 elementary schools in Redwood City in partnership with Peninsula Community Center, Sequoia Healthcare District, and Redwood City School District.


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Who Is PE+?

What Is PE+?

Why Do We Do What We Do?

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Who Is PE+?

In 2009, Peninsula Community Center started providing the PE Program for a limited number of classes for a few Redwood City schools after the State of California eliminated funding for elementary school physical education while continuing to require schools to meet the state requirements for physical education minutes per week. The following year, Sequoia Healthcare District and Peninsula Community Center partnered to help 3 Redwood City schools meet the state physical education requirements for 1-3rd graders. In 2011, the Redwood City Parks and Recreation Community Services joined the partnership

From 2011 to 2018, the Sequoia Healthcare District, Redwood City School District, Peninsula Community Center (PCC), and Redwood City Parks and Recreation Community Services (PRCS) worked together to provide the PE+ Program to 12 elementary schools for over 5300 Kindergarten – 5th-grade students. On July 2018, PRCS decided it could no longer continue to be part of the PE+ Program. Therefore, PCC is now responsible for all 12 schools: Fair Oaks, Hoover, John Gill, KIPP, Orion, Roosevelt, Taft, Adelante, Garfield, Hawes, Henry Ford, and Selby Lane).

What Is PE+?

Providing Physical and Nutrition Education classes for 12 schools in Redwood City, serving grades K-5. This collaborative effort between the Sequoia Healthcare District and Peninsula Community Center (PCC) ensures that the students in Redwood City have the opportunity to build and strengthen their communities through sports and fitness. Our role is to help schools meet the California Physical Fitness Standards and build healthy school communities.

We are proud to support the Redwood City schools by offering:

  • Trained PE+ coaches, Monday through Friday, throughout the school year.
  • Grade-level appropriate curriculum for K-5th-grade classes.
  • Coach lessons for each grade, k-5th, twice a week.
  • Recess and lunch support to encourage students to play safely and responsibly while out in the yard.
  • Sequoia Health Care District provides a Nutrition Consultant to develop a social, emotional, developmental, physical curriculum, called Health Huddles, to promote healthy lifestyles and to create a safe space for students

PE+ currently operates at 12 school sites in Redwood City.

Adelante | Fair Oaks | Garfield | Hawes | Henry Ford | Hoover | John Gill School | KIPP | Orion | Roosevelt | Taft | Selby Lane

Why Do We Do What We Do?

The Mission
To use sports and fitness to build and strengthen communities.

The Vision
That the communities around the schools we serve are transformed in a positive way because of PE+.

Students participate in and learn about fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

Coaches encourage teamwork and affirm each student for individual gifts and effort.

PE+ creates a safe place where students are free to express and share their emotions.

Learning Needs
Grade-level appropriate curriculum for K-5th-grade classes.

Join the Team, Make A Difference

Become a Coach
Our coaching team leads safe PE classes where children are inspired to get off the sidelines and into the game. Coaches are on school campuses leading classes and games during recesses five days a week. Coaches attend weekly meetings and build relationships with our local community.

Without our amazing coaching staff, PE+ would not be where we are today. We are always looking for more great people to join the team. If you are interested in coaching or learning more, please contact Heather Allen at [email protected].

PE+ Coach Application

School Year | Monday-Friday | 8-2:30pm | Part-Time


For more information on joining the PE+ team, contact:

Heather Allen, PE+ Program Director at [email protected]