Bringing a bit of PE+ to you.

Welcome to PE+ Online!

We want to encourage students and families to not only keep your brain active with your online learning at school but also to be physically active while we adjust to our new routines at home.

Schools will be pushing out weekly videos but this is a place where you can find our video of the week, online resources that you can do from home, and a place to track and share your activities with us by emailing [email protected]!

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Warm Ups

Curriculum & Health Huddle


Additional Resources

Video of the Week! 

All of our teams work very hard each week to get content out to you. This is a fun opportunity for our students and family members to be active at home and meet some of our other wonderful coaches!

Meet our coaches and join their online class here:

Warm Ups


Stretching is something that everyone can benefit from. It helps with agility, recovery after exercise, improves joint health, range of motion, prevents injuries and so much more.

Students can choose 4-5 following examples to do in a stationary and safe place! Click each exercise below to see an example from one of our coaches:


Calisthenic exercises are a great way for students and family members to use bodyweight to build muscle and help with flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Students can choose 4-5 following examples to do in a stationary and safe place! Click each exercise below to see an example from one of our coaches:

Curriculum & Health Huddle

Watch our PE+ Online videos that you can follow along at home. We have several lessons that will be posted here each week that you can use at home and invite a family member to join you! 

Taft Team – Throwing & Catching / Hand Washing – 4/13/20

Garfield Team – Balance & Stillness / Water Promotion – 4/20/20

Adelante/Selby Lane Team – Down & Back Relay / Earth Day! – 4/27/20


Here are some worksheets you can do at home, you can either print them out or write on a separate piece of paper. Share your worksheets with us by emailing [email protected].

PE+ Student Tracking – track your activity and minutes here each week!


Health Huddle Worksheets

Huddles Worksheet Food 4 Sharing

Food 4 Balance Challenge

Food 4 Growth Part 1 Vegetables

Food 4 Growth Part 2 Protein & Dairy

Drink 4 Hydration

Food 4 Health

Food 4 Energy Part 1 Food Label

Food 4 Energy Part 2 Health Snacks

Food 4 Thought Breakfast Challenge


PE+ Drawing Worksheets

PE+ Favorite Sport Worksheet

PE+ Healthy Food Worksheet

PE+ Items Worksheet

Additional Resources

ChopChop Kids Newsletter – Home Recipes 

This is a great cooking resource for young kids and families!


FREE online resource that focused on movement and mindfulness for the kids!

Center Online|Fitness

Looking for a workout for parents at home? Try our Peninsula Community Center classes online!


Before doing any PE+ Online Learning activity please make sure that you have plenty of space. You know your house rules and know what is allowed or not allowed, if you are unsure of any activity please ask an adult!

By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. PE+ will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our fitness program, online fitness videos, or information shared on our website.  This includes emails, videos, and text. Thanks for your understanding.

Share with us!

We would love to see videos or pictures of your kids or families doing our activities and worksheets! Please share with us by emailing [email protected]