By Anthony Mejia
By Anthony Mejia, Executive Director

A good friend of mine is getting married this weekend. She has been planning her wedding day for the past year. She may not admit it, but she’s probably been planning her wedding day since she was a little girl.

Funny thing about planning is that the more we plan, the more we discover what’s out of our control.

My friend has no control of the weather or who will and will not make it to the wedding. She can’t control how her husband will feel or how all of her guests will behave out on the dance floor, including me.

Rather than worry herself sick about what she couldn’t control, my friend chose instead to not just plan but to also prepare. And as she made this choice daily, I watched as her joy, freedom from worry, and anticipation for her wedding day increased.

What is true for my friend is also true for us and the Center. We need to do both: we plan for what we can control and prepare for what we cannot control.

Our Center team is continually planning for the future. We continually evaluate and update our current program offerings and facilities as the demand for group exercise and functional weight training increases as the fitness industry evolves.

At the same time, we prepare our staff and community by clarifying and strengthening our culture as more fitness options become available outside the Center. If you look closely, there are more fitness studios in Redwood City than there are Starbucks locations. We believe the Center’s greatest differentiators as the fitness options in our community grow, are our culture and community.

We believe in the importance of planning and preparing because we believe that planning helps us with what we do and preparing helps us become who we are. We need both or we will be consumed with worry about what we can and cannot control.

Every time you choose to value and know as many people at the Center by name or be courageously kind by giving our team feedback with respect and the benefit of the doubt, you are helping us plan and prepare to be the best version of our community now and into the future. Thank you.

See YOU at the Center!