Ready, Set, Go! Training Tips for Global 6K

By Dena Evans

With the Global 6K for Water set to return in May, now is the perfect time to consider taking part. Whether running, walking, or a bit of both, we have plenty of time to prepare for the 2nd year of this inspiring event. In the coming weeks, we’ll provide some tips and guidance for those who could use a simple framework to build toward the race.  Before you head out the door, here are a few key points to consider as you embark on that journey.

    1. Let a goal guide you.  A community event like this a perfect opportunity to set a fitness goal, and with two months to train, it sits at a great point on the calendar. Your goal may be to simply finish either walking or running, to run a certain pace, or just to feel good while doing it. As the weeks go by, little roadblocks may pop up, or you may be tempted to go big early and risk injury. Keep things in perspective and remember you don’t need to be ready tomorrow or even next week. Take things one step at a time and arrive in one piece and ready to go on May 4th.
    2. Good footwear is your friend. If you haven’t run in a while, have been participating in other sports, or are choosing this as a first running goal, make sure your footwear is up to the challenge. The material in shoes can degrade over time. Even if your shoes have been collecting dust over the past few years with only a few miles on them, they may still not be ready for action and can leave you with small or large aches and pains that could be avoided. Similarly, shoes built for other sports may not be the best bet for this effort. Local running specialty stores are great sources of help with fit and support levels needed, and between these resources and the competitive online marketplace, shoes need not break the bank. You can feel good about time spent selecting the right shoes since they’ll hopefully get plenty of good use between now and May, as well as beyond!
    3. Training is just the meat of the sandwich. Warm up and recovery are the bread. With busy schedules it is easy to skip straight to the meat, jumping back in the car or heading straight in the house when the running is done. While setting aside time to train for this, budget a few minutes on each side to make sure your body is prepared to train and prepared to recover on the back end.  A few dynamic stretches (moving vs static) are great, or if you’re at the center, a few minutes on another machine can help get the blood flowing. Even walking a bit before running can help ease your body into it. Afterward, a foam roller or similar device is a top way to unwind your muscles so they can recover without being tied up like a ball of Christmas lights.
    4. Partner up! Sharing your goal with others is a great way to stay accountable when your motivation flags or time to train is tough to come by. Even if that person is not able to participate themselves, having another person in your corner can make all the difference. Perhaps your efforts will also inspire another or a few to join you, which is a win for everyone!

We look forward to supporting you between now and May 4!

Dena Evans

Click the following links for more information on joining us at Global 6K or the Running Club.