Upward Basketball 2017

By Meredith McLean

This year we are excited to introduce you to our new coordinators for the Upward Basketball League! You most likely already know them, as they are active participants in our PCC community, Dawn Rollandi and Meredith McLean. Hear from them just how much Upwards means to them and their families and why you should join in too!

I am so excited to be involved with the Upward Program this year. Both of my boy’s, Nico, 16 and Matt 14, began their experience in the awesome sport of basketball at PCC with Upward Basketball. Not only were the boys involved but it also marked our family’s commitment to basketball as my husband, Scott, coached them throughout the Upward program and continued as they aged out and played so many years at St Pius. It is such a blessing to be working full time now at the Center, and I am so happy to be able to give back to a community that has given my family and I so very much.

-Dawn Rollandi, Upward 2017 Coordinator

Both of my girls played Upward basketball at the Center and LOVED it! Courtney, now 13 and Kasey, now 10, not only enjoyed the introductory level of the Kindergarten teams, but also enjoyed learning about the game of basketball in a community-led program. My husband, Matt and I enjoyed our community time volunteering as coaches, referees, and Upward volunteers. The Upward STARS meant so much to my youngest daughter, Kasey. She remembered each star and what it stood for AND made sure she reminded us of why she earned each one every Saturday prior to game time. Not only did my children gain a better understanding for the game of basketball, but they learned about teamwork, spirituality and how it connects to their being on the court and with their teammates and coaches. They have blossomed in the Center community since, enjoying Swim Team, Tennis Camp, Kid Care, Teen Bootcamp and Go Girls. I will always cherish my moments as a coach as well as a spectator, team parent, and fan. The McLean family personally gained so much from being involved  in the Upward program, and I look forward to spreading this to many more families as I embark on my first year as coordinator for the league.

-Meredith McLean, Upward 2017 Coordinator

To sign up and for more information about Upward Basketball CLICK HERE.